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Well, we’ve done it – we went a whole month between blog posts. I am definitely not proud of that fact. Hey, business is good, but that’s no excuse to let our blog die. So let’s try this again.

One problem we’ve had with Google up to this point is that if you ran geographically targeted ads, and you were physically located outside of the area, you had no way to preview your ads. There was no geographically-based preview.

Fortunately, Google has changed that. Check out the following URL:


This page lets you type in a keyword and then specify a geographic location for which to view ads that are currently running for that keyword. Finally, you have the ability to run specific ad campaigns in different geographic areas other than your own and actually verify that your ads are running and see how they look. You can even specify particular geographic coordinates if you need that level of detail.

So that is today’s Google power tip. Hopefully we’ll find the time starting next week to get back on a regular schedule, bringing you tips and information you need to be successful with your online marketing.

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