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Jerry Work here. I do a lot of article marketing. For a while, I got heavy into video, but it is more difficult to produce video for third-party clients than it is to produce my own. So ultimately, text content creation and distribution is still the most effective strategy for generating links for myself and my clients. It gives you the widest distribution of your marketing message and greatest leverage on your time.

I am always looking for tools to help me do a better job with article marketing or do it more efficiently. For nearly a year, I used Article Marketer, an online service that is probably the top article distribution service. It gets your articles listed on many article directories in a short period, and then continues with a steady stream of submissions over time.

Unfortunately, I had to stop using Article Marketer. They have their own quality control program and are quite strict about what articles they allow. There were many occasions where I tried to argue my case about why a particular article should be allowed, but there never seemed to be any way to have a dialogue with Article Marketer staff.

In addition, there were times when it literally took weeks to get articles approved and into the distribution queue. I am a professional, aggressive search engine marketer. I service quite a few clients, and I do my own marketing. I write high quality content, and I write it fast. I can’t have my business slowed down waiting on approval by other people, and I can’t have my articles sitting in a queue.

I also need the flexibility to post articles under different names for my clients. Article Marketer requires you to have multiple accounts to do this, which can be quite expensive and difficult to manage. I need a single program that lets me distribute content under different names.

So…it seems what I need is an automated solution. I started trying out something called Jet Submitter, but the problem with it is that it only submits to directories set up using a particular script. Plus, after joining, I read all kinds of horrible reviews based on the company’s terrible customer service. You just can’t feel all that confident about a software solution in those circumstances.

I have also used SENuke, which has a very nice built-in article spinning feature. Unfortunately, SENuke is not of great value for article marketing because it lacks one critical feature…it doesn’t actually submit to article directories! It is a social networking tool used to set up pages on sites like WetPaint and Tumblr. This process is certainly valuable, and is one component of a well-rounded search marketing campaign, but it doesn’t replace mass article distribution.

My dream solution has the following features: 1. it distributes to all of the major article directories; 2. it requires no input on my part (works completely automatically); 3. submits very different versions of a core article; and 4. with those alternate versions being well-written and professional.

I think the software I want doesn’t exist. I’m not sure if I trust the automated solutions that are on the market. The next best alternative is a semi-automated solution, which is software that rotates from one directory to another, but still requires some input on a per-directory basis. I will keep you informed of what I discover while I try out some more options.

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