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We have been hard at work for weeks now on a couple of projects that are taking way longer than expected to complete…but that’s just life, I guess. We are currently finishing up our newest book, tentatively titled something like “Winning the Pay per Click Game: Scientific Strategies for Maximizing Your Paid Search Return on Investment”. How’s that for a snazzy title? Unlike our previous books, this one will be published, either on our own with the help of a publish-on-demand company, or through an established publisher, depending on circumstances.

We are still working on our Google AdWords management application. That has definitely turned into a complex, difficult project. We are working with off-shore developers, but the development process is taking quite a bit longer than anticipated. We may end up taking over development and finishing it ourselves. But hopefully it won’t come to that.

In the world of Internet marketing, the big news this week is Microsoft pulling its offer to purchase Yahoo!. Yahoo! stock has tumbled significantly on the news. Yahoo!’s largest shareholder, Capital Research Global Investors, says he thinks Yahoo!’s board of directors should be embarrassed. We at Work Media are disappointed at the failure of the merger. A combined Yahoo!/Google search network would give Google some real competition, which would be good for advertisers. As it stands, Google’s marketshare just continues to grow, strengthening its dominance. No good ever comes from one company owning a market.

We are scheduled to speak at an upcoming search engine marketing conference in Nashville in August. That should be fun. Hopefully we’ll have published copies of our book to give away by then.

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