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LowerMyBills.com has raised quite a stir in the world of online advertising the last few years for its crazy ads featuring people dancing or creatures acting goofy. The company spends $80 million/year online running those ads. But it has paid off because the company (from what we understand) is very successful.

The company’s ads often feature several identical shaded-in figures who are dancing in sync. The ads are annoying but they have accomplished their goal of getting the attention of the viewer.

Recently, we have noticed that other companies have started running ads that are almost exactly the same – shaded in figures dancing in sync. Personally, when I see the ads, I think of LowerMyBills. They’ve been so aggressive in running those ads that just seeing that style of ad automatically triggers thoughts of the company. Which completely defeats the purpose of having another company run the ad.

In our opinion, you do no good for your company by copying ads from already established ad campaigns. If you want to borrow the general idea, then that’s fine – but you need to mix things up! Create your own wacky characters. Create your own style. Because if all you are doing is perfectly copying highly successful ads from another company, really all you’re doing is emphasizing the success of the original company.

So think of your own ideas. Or if you’re going to borrow ideas from others, give it your own touch. Put some effort into your marketing, and you will be much more successful in the long-term.

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