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We’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about search engine reputation management. This is an emerging trend in the online promotion industry that is going to take on more and more importance in the years to come. Search engine reputation management could be defined as a sub-set of reputation management, the practice of taking steps to insure that your reputation is not tarnished by disgruntled customers or clients. Search engine reputation management is the process of reducing the visibility of search engine results that portray a business negatively.

This is accomplished by purposely positioning other content above the negative content in search engine rankings. Now…this is easier said than done, because as you know, ultimately you have no control over where search engines rank web pages. However, an experienced search engine optimization firm will understand the way pages are ranked well enough to create content that has an excellent chance at ranking highly.

Search engine reputation management can save your business’ reputation and keep the cash register ringing. If somebody is spreading false rumors about you online, you should seriously looking into a search engine reputation management campaign to minimize the damage. Work Media can help you make it happen. Just call us at 888-299-4837 or email Info@WorkMedia.net.