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The movement toward online video/entertainment continues to pick up speed. There are a lot of major established entertainment industry veterans, such as Disney’s Michael Eisner and the Coen brothers, who are creating content exclusively for the Web. This is a reflection of the changing entertainment viewing habits of consumers, especially those under 35.

The good news for you is that, unlike broadcast TV, the Web is a space where you can compete. You don’t have to have a large budget. And you don’t have to own a television network. There are two major strategies you can take with regard to using online video: release interesting content to video sources in an attempt to drive traffic to your site; or as content for your site that will result in a loyal audience.

You might want to do both. However, it is unlikely that the same video content will work for both purposes. If you are an accounting firm and create a series of videos about cutting your taxes, those would be excellent content for your web site. However, it is unlikely that there would be wide distribution of the video outside those specifically looking for such information.

For a viral video effect, your video needs to be very interesting or unusual. If it makes people laugh, then it has a shot at being spread around. Going back to the accounting firm example, if the firm could create a video that was short and humorous, that would work much better than the drier material specifically related to taxes.

So what kind of video could you create to promote your business? Just think creatively, and make sure you come up with some kind of unique angle for your content. Also, make sure you tag your videos with keywords – you need people to find your videos!

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