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April 8th and my first blog of the month. Shameful. My excuse is that I have spent a lot more time lately updating my newer blogs, those of the legal marketing variety on a couple of other sites. But really, there should be no excuses. I should just get it done. You need to have the same attitude yourself. You must blog!

Okay, now onto the actual subject of this blog.

When link building, the temptation is to always focus on your home page. Obviously, you would prefer that that be the page most people see and arrive at. It’s sort-of like the cover of a book. It creates interest and gives the reader a little idea of what it is about.

So people love to link to their home page. However, the problem with this approach is that it does not account for two things:

1. You need to strive for a connection between the keyword in the link (if there is one) and keywords on the page that it links to; and

2. A single web page can only be optimized for a VERY small set of keywords (technically, it can only TRULY be optimized for one keyword).

So you want keyword-specific links pointing to keyword-specific pages. If you always link to your home page, you are not doing this. Instead, you need to practice something called “deep linking.” Deep linking is the act of linking not to the home page but to a more specific sub-page. For example, if you have a web site that sells shoes, and there is a sub-page on the site devoted to Nike shoes, then a keyword link like “Nike shoes” would be more effective if it linked to the Nike page rather than your home page.

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