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If you are engaged in an SEO campaign, you may have constructed landing or gateway pages optimized for very specific search phrases. If that is the case, it may be tempting to engage in separate linking campaigns for the optimized pages. In some instances, that might be the right approach, but for maximizing the amount of Google Page Rank that gets distributed around your web site, you should have all incoming links pointing to one page, usually your home page.

Page Rank gets passed around from web page to web page. When one page links to another, it is like a “vote” for that page, so some Page Rank gets passed from the linking page to the linked to page. The fewer outgoing links there are on a web page, the more Page Rank gets passed to each link recipient. Each time a new link is added to a web page, the less Page Rank is passed to each linked to page.

And the more Page Rank that gets accumulated to a single page, the more total Page Rank there is to distribute throughout the site.

So having one web page with a Page Rank of 5 is better than having two web pages with Page Ranks of 3 and 2. I won’t go into (and don’t know if I could anyway) the math of how this actually works, but the page with the Page Rank of 5 has more total Page Rank to distribute than the other two pages. This is why you should concentrate your linking campaign on generating links to a single web page.

And a link from a web page with only two links is twice as good as one with four links.

If you want to really know how this works, check out this web page:


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