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Keyword tracking is very important to the success of a pay-per-click advertising campaign. If you have a conversion event page on your site, such as a thank you page or order confirmation page, you can measure your exact return on investment (ROI) or return on ad spend (ROAS) for each keyword.

Even if you are not able to specify some kind of converting event on your site (for example, if you sell services rather than products), you can still use keyword tracking to learn which keywords generate traffic that spends time on your site. This information will help you determine what keywords attract the most interested users.

To track your keywords, each keyword ad needs its own URL with a parameter that contains the keyword. For example: www.yourwebsite.com?keyword=whatever

The search engines have historically made it as hard as possible to track your ads at the keyword level, but things are getting better. With the release of the latest update to the Google AdCenter interface, it became possible to set a separate URL for each keyword.

You can also set up a separate URL for each keyword in Yahoo, although you have to go back and do it after setting your ads up.

MSN makes it simple. In Microsoft adCenter, you can attach a dynamic variable to the URL for a group of ads that will automatically add the keyword.

It takes more time to set up a separate URL for each keyword in your campaign, but it is definitely worth the time.

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