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Case Study: Improving Paid Search Click-Through for Medical Organization

The Challenge

A mid-sized medical group based in Nashville wanted to use Google AdWords ads as a means of driving traffic to its website. The site does not use forms or call tracking, so it was determined that click-through-rate would be the primary means of determining performance.

The Solution

Work Media divided the campaign into logical groupings of keywords and ads (campaigns and ad groups) and then wrote several AdWords ads for each ad group in order to split-test them over time.

Click-through-rate increased by nearly 400% in 6 months

Ad split testing

We wrote multiple ads for each ad group to test them against each other over time. Then as data is generated and we learn which ads are most effective, the lesser performing ads are paused.

Careful keyword targeting

Analyzing performance data has allowed us to push more of our client’s budget to better performing keywords.

Geographic targeting

Account performance has been helped by making sure that ads are running in geographic locations appropriate for each particular practice.