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An email I got this morning reminded me of a couple of good Internet marketing principles, so I thought I would talk about it.

Not too long ago, I owned an old Dodge Ram truck. I bought a part for it that I had not been able to find from a web site called AutoPartsWarehouse.com. Since then, I have received emails from them fairly regularly. Most of the emails are general in nature.

Today I got one with the following headline:

Get 5% OFF on all DODGE RAMCHARGER parts for 5 Days only + FREE Shipping

This email and headline illustrate a couple of important points about successful marketing:

  1. They are using segmentation to send me emails based specifically on my past purchases. They know I have bought parts for a Dodge Ram, so they are sending me messages about Dodge Ram parts.
  2. The offer is specific and contains a deadline. Deadlines are important because without them your prospects will delay on making a decision. I only have 5 days to save 5% and get free shipping.
  3. It contains the word “FREE”, which is one of the most powerful words you can use in your marketing.

How could you apply these principles to your own marketing? Do you segment your customers and send them specific messages based on their past purchases? You should.

Do you carefully craft your marketing messages to get your prospects’ attention? And do you place time limits on your special offer?

Do you email past customers on a regular basis?

These are all very basic principles of modern marketing, but if you just master the basics, you will be VERY successful.

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