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For one of our clients we are currently promoting, we are doing a lot of linking – pretty standard stuff for a search engine optimization campaign. As part of this process, we are doing a fair amount of social bookmarking of our client’s web pages. We started with del.icio.us, probably the top social bookmarking web site.

We bookmarked every page of the site and tagged each page with a static set of keywords plus keywords specific to that page. Within a couple of days, our main social bookmarks page about those topics was near the top of Google’s rankings for some of the keywords – actually above the client we’re promoting! So while that’s not exactly what we’re ultimately trying to achieve, it proves the point that search engines place a lot of stock in information that is categorized via social bookmarking. And in the long run it will help our client rise in the rankings. Although, if someone clicks our link, they will be presented with nothing but links to our client’s site – a win, win situation.

Another point is that by bookmarking our client’s site, we exposed it to lots of other people who use the same social bookmarking site. If some of them bookmark our client’s pages as well, then that strengthens our client’s position. And del.icio.us is only one of probably dozens of similar sites, all of which can be used to promote a web site about a particular subject.

So is you have not socially bookmarked your own site’s web pages, we strongly recommend it. And have all of your employees sign up for their own accounts and do it as well.

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