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Today’s Squidoo lens is about landing page design.

Look, I know when you think about search engine marketing companies, you are not thinking about airtime for TV commercials. But the fact is, working with Google account reps, a well-qualified search engine marketing can save you THOUSANDS on what it would cost you to purchase it directly through television stations or networks. We are finding ourselves talking to more and more people these days who have already spent a bundle buying TV airtime, when if they had come to us first, we could have used Google’s TV ad space platform to buy the airtime at a fraction of the cost.

The same goes for radio ads. Working with Google account reps, we can put together a radio promotion campaign at a much lower cost than you could do yourself.

Yes, using Google, it is generally excess airtime you are purchasing, and you have less control over when your ads air. So there may be times when using Google to manage your TV or radio spend is not appropriate. But if you are on a somewhat limited budget, then you should absolutely use Google and a search engine marketing company to purchase airtime and manage your campaigns.

So if you are thinking about investing in TV or radio ads, PLEASE call us first! We can absolutely save you a ton of money and frustration. Work Media also has a partner that is a full-service ad agency that can produce professional quality commercials for you. And while you’re at it, since we’re saving you so much money on the cost to run your ads, you might want to have us do some search engine promotion for your web site. Put those marketing dollars to use!

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