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The AdWords Editor makes it very easy to set up new ad groups, ads or keywords based on ones that already exist. This is particularly helpful in two situations: when you require ad groups that are very similar except for some kind of central concept, and when you want to create similar yet slightly different ads for split-testing purposes. It makes it easy by giving you the ability to copy and paste items.

For example, an automobile dealer might require ad groups for different models of cars. The ad groups would likely be very similar, but would contain ads and keywords that used the name of a particular model. So there might be a Ford F-150 ad group and a Ford Ranger ad group. If you already have a Ford F-150 ad group set up, then you can make a copy of it and then change the name, ads, and keywords of the copied ad group to use the word “Ranger” instead of “F-150”.

From an ad perspective, it is often desirable to split-test the same ad with different headlines. In AdWords Editor, you can simply make a copy of the ad and then change the headline in the copied ad.

You can even create a copy of an entire campaign, if you have need to do so. Another interesting option on the right-hand menu is “Copy Campaign Targeting”, which lets you quickly apply the targeting criteria of one campaign to another.

Just like any standard program, AdWords Editor has a right-click menu that gives you access to a copy option. It is often necessary to use the File link on the top menu to paste items. Cutting and pasting items in AdWords Editor is MUCH quicker than manually building all your ads or ad groups from scratch.

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