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If you don’t currently have a Google WebMaster account that you use to submit XML sitemap files to Google, get one! The URL is:


This allows you to directly tell Google about the structure and indexable content of your site, rather than passively waiting for Google to find it on its own. As a bonus, Google will sometimes display multiple links from a sitemap-submitted web site in the site’s listing in a Google search engine results page (SERP).

And now Google is expanding the number of links that it will show in your listing, up to eight. Think about that: your SINGLE Google search listing could have nine different links into your site. We’re all about shelfspace expansion (meaning maximizing the number of times your site appears on a SERP via natural and paid search), so this is a very good development.

It is also possible to now indicate to Google in your XML sitemap file what pages, if any, you would NOT like to show up in the site links listings for your site.

Google Sitemaps give you the opportunity to more easily get your site content indexed AND increase the total number of links you have on a page of search engine results. So do it today!

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