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We are playing around with some software that may be of use to anyone looking to build their inbound link catalog. It’s called Fast Blog Finder, and it’s purpose is to locate blogs about particular subjects that allow “dofollow” links in their comments. Dofollow links are links that search engine spiders can follow. So these are the kinds of links that help to improve search engine rankings. All links, by default, are dofollow links. The Web exists today as we know it because of the ability of search engine spiders to follow links and build indexes of web sites.

The problem is that any time there is free and open ability to post material with dofollow links, there are some who try to exploit the situation. In my opinion, for ethical, legitimate Internet marketers, it is okay to post comments on others’ blogs, with links back to your site, if they are posting something legitimate that relates to the subject of the blog post. But there are those who would post thousands of blatantly commercial messages on blog posts simply to get the links back to their site. And so most blogs today do not allow dofollow links in their comments. The few have ruined it for the many.

However, there are still blogs that allow dofollow links. Generally comments on these blogs are monitored closely, so that even if a blatantly non-relevant commercial message is posted it will not stay on the blog for long. So it is still necessary to make legitimate comments based on the subject of the blog post.

Fast Blog Finder looks for blog posts based on a seed keyword, and it examines the comments on the blog posts to see if they allow dofollow links. It then reports the results back to you and highlights the blogs that do allow the correct type of link. You can save blogs you like in particular into a favorites list. This is useful because there is a good chance that if there is one post in a blog relevant to your business, there are more. So if you have the blog saved, you can return to it in the future and make more comments on other posts in the blog.

If there are no existing comments, the software is unable to determine if the blog allows dofollow links. That is the major weakness of the software, because we have found that a very large percentage (probably around 40%) of the blog results brought back do not report the link type allowed. Despite this weakness, the software still saves you a ton of time, and at a cost of about $50, it’s still a bargain.

Regardless of how you go about it, making periodic comments on blog posts that allow dofollow links back to your site is a very good technique to combine with your other link building strategies. You want to have links from as many different types of sites as possible, and one way links from relevant blogs can be quite valuable.

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