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Get used to being known as a keyword rather than a name. If you’re trying to generate search engine rankings, at least. For example, which of the following would make a better signature for an article or blog post response?

www.franks.com – Jackson’s pool table retailer.


www.franks.com – Jackson’s pool table retailer.

Intuitively, you might think the first one is better, since your business name is hyper-linked. However, the second link will help boost your ranking for the specific keyword “pool table”. Assuming that that keyword accurately reflects the products you sell (and that you have done some keyword research to make sure the keyword generates traffic), then the second one is much better for your business.

If your goal is to achieve search engine rankings, then you need to put your ego aside, and do everything you can to seed the Web with links to your site that contain your main keywords. Article writing is a great way to do this. Personally, I’m not convinced that making forum posts with links is still a valid method. I feel like the search engines probably discounted the value of those links a long time ago. But there are plenty of other techniques.

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