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You need to think of all of your marketing efforts as an integrated campaign – TV, radio, print, search, online content networks…it all needs to support one another, and it all needs to be tightly focused on achieving some kind of objective.

Now that video is a mainstream feature of the Web, you can make multiple uses of any video you shoot. For instance, let’s say you shoot a TV commercial. If the commercial has some element of humor or takes on a very serious topic, then you could re-package it as a video for use on YouTube and similar sites. With any luck, some people will find it, like it, and start passing it around. Then you could repackage it into a short video ad for use on the Google content network. We have found that, up to this point, video ads generate fewer clicks, but it may turn out that those clicks convert at a higher rate than text ads. We don’t have the data to back that up yet, but it’s a hunch.

As far as the marketing message itself, you should decide on a single converting event and create all of your marketing material so that it emphasizes that single event. Singularity of focus will go a long way toward helping you accomplish a goal with your marketing. If your message is watered down and you give people too many choices, your campaign will not be as powerful. For instance, let’s say you have created some kind of free downloadable item that you want to give away on your web site as a means to gather email addresses. Your marketing related to this should all focus on the single event – getting people to your web site to fill out a form and download the item. Your TV ads should focus on it, your radio ads should focus on it, your print and online ads should focus on it.

Think about it: if all of your marketing is consistent in look and feel, and if it all points to a single event…that’s powerful. Which do you think would make the most impact? A standalone TV ad asking the viewer to do one thing, a print ad asking them to something else, and a search engine ad asking something else again – or all three ads asking the viewer/reader to do the same thing? Just like singleness of purpose is a key to success in life, it’s also a key to success with your marketing.

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