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Today we thought we would tell you about some people whose work you need to seek out and study. Copywriting is possibly the single most valuable skill you can develop to be successful in our marketing, and the following list is just a few of the all-time greats whom you can study to learn how to write strong sales copy.

Dan Kennedy. One of our favorites. Dan is a marketing genius who has a straightforward (sometimes mean) style and is very entertaining to read and listen to. He has lots of products for sale at his web site. You can also find Dan’s books in bookstores, with titles such as No B.S. Wealth Building for Entrepreneurs. http://www.dankennedy.com

Brian Keith Voiles. Brian wrote what is possibly the single best book on copywriting, called “Advertising Magic”. It is for sell on lots of web sites. We couldn’t figure out the official web site for the book (Brian doesn’t really seem to do much self-promotion). But there are lots of places to buy it online if you search.

Jay Abraham. Possibly the top and most expensive marketing expert in the world. He also has lots of products for sale at http://www.abraham.com. His products are expensive, so you might want to seek out used copies of his books and audio material.

Claude Hopkins. In the 1920’s, Hopkins wrote a book called Scientific Advertising. It is a brilliant, ageless book that boils advertising down to a set of principles that will greatly increase your chance of success. You can find it for free if you search for it online.

There are many more fine copywriters, but if you look into the work of the above men, it will set you on the road to being a much better copywriter. Strong ad writing is very, very important to the success of your Internet marketing campaign. So we suggest you put the work into getting better at it.

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