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There is a technique that we are playing around with that we believe is an excellent way to explode the number of links reported to your site in Google and other search engines. This technique really only applies if your site has been up for a while and actually has links pointing to it. We noticed that, despite having strong visibility in Google for Internet marketing searches related to Nashville, Google shows few links pointing back to our site. The other major search engines, Yahoo and MSN, show many more results.

If you are in a similar situation, here is how to let Google know about all the links it is missing:

  1. Do a search for “link:” followed by your domain name in whatever search engines have a considerable amount of links recorded for your site.
  2. Copy the URL for that page of search engine results.
  3. Visit the Google Add URL page: http://www.google.com/addurl/
  4. In the URL text box on that page, paste in the URL from step 2.
  5. Click Add URL.

Hopefully, Google will now spider that page, visit the links on it, and find the links pointing back to your web site, which will build up your backlink catalog with Google.

As you know, it can take Google a LONG time to visit a web page added directly (which is why we advise our clients not to submit their site directly to Google), so you will have to be patient while waiting for the pages to be spidered. But if you have few links to start with, you aren’t any worse off, and in a few weeks or months you could be much better off.

This process will work for whatever other search engines are missing backlinks for you. And it doesn’t just have to be applied with search engine results pages. You can use this technique to inform Google about any web page you think it should know about, as long as it’s not on your own site.

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