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Google has changed the name of its “site-targeted” AdWords campaigns to “placement-targeted.” We’re not sure of the reason behind the name because it’s the same thing it was before – a way for advertisers to advertise on specific web sites that are part of Google’s content network, rather than on Google’s search results pages. Perhaps the name change relates to Google’s ongoing efforts to expand its advertising platform beyond just web sites, into areas such as radio and newspaper. Who knows.

The only difference, as far as we can tell, is that you are now allowed to bid on a cost per click (“CPC”) basis for content ads, in addition to the existing method of bidding per thousand impressions (“CPM”). There have been occasions when our effective click cost for CPM campaigns was less than CPC, and there have been times when it was more. We like the fact that Google now gives you the option of bidding either way. It gives the advertiser more flexibility to try different bidding strategies and see what works best.

On a related note, we have noticed that Google’s pay per action platform has been down for quite a few days now. We have one client using PPA (it is only available to select large advertisers), and we are beginning to see some very nice results with it. Our cost per acquisition is substantially lower than with pay per click. We aren’t generating nearly as many total conversions as with pay per click, but we’ll take a cheap conversion any way we can get it. But what is the deal with it not working? Is Google shutting it down already because they’re not making enough money with it? We’ll see.

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