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Yesterday we began our discussion of MSN AdCenter Labs beta tools for Internet marketing purposes. Today we continue that discussion by looking at a couple more of the tools, the Keyword Forecast tool and Demographics Prediction tool.

Here is the URL: http://adlab.msn.com/demo.aspx

The Keyword Forecast tool is interesting because it shows the past traffic for a particular keyword as well as expected traffic for the next couple of months (although, the forecast time period is actually in the last couple of months, which I assume is related to the age of the data). You can also chart more than one keyword at a time and view them on the same chart. In addition to past and forecast traffic, the tools shows age and gender distribution for each search term.

For instance, I ran a chart using the terms “internet marketing”, “search engine marketing”, and “search marketing”. Based on the chart created by the Keyword Forecast tool, the term “internet marketing” is used far more often than the other two terms and is expected to continue rising in popularity. Traffic for the term “search marketing” is flat and not expected to see any significant increase.

Looking at the demographics, all of the search terms are used heaviest by people over the age of 50. In addition, the term “search engine marketing” is used much more often by men than women. And in general, it looks like men perform about 50% more Internet marketing-related searches than women. One thing you have to keep in mind, however, is that the data is likely skewed based on the particular demographics of MSN.com.

The Demographics Prediction tool predicts your customer’s age, gender, and other demographic information based on a URL of keyword. For example, I ran the tool with the search term “internet marketing”, and it returned the following information:

  • Male: 63%
  • Female: 37%
  • Age: 25 – 34

Interestingly, the Keyword Forecast tool indicated that the greatest number of people using this search term were over 50, but the Demographics Prediction tool indicates they are between the ages of 25 and 34. So you will definitely need to use some judgement when trying to use these tools to determine demographic data for your prospective customers.

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