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‘Hope everybody had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I headed down to Memphis to spend a few days at my in-laws’. I lived in Memphis for several years. The city has gotten some bad press recently because of its’ crime rate, but it’s a great city with lots of interesting shops and places to eat. Nashville, where we’re located, is more of a corporate city. Memphis is more “down home.”

Anyway, the day before Thanksgiving we got contacted by a business needing a paid search campaign up and running the same day. We’re a small firm, so we have the capability to drop whatever we’re doing and change directions. But getting a complete campaign created, funded, and up and running in just a few hours is quite a task. But we got it done.

The reason we were contacted is that the search marketing firm that was originally hired (about three weeks previous) was taking way too long to get the campaign on-line and was only spending a trickle of what our client wanted.

The problem the other firm made was that they spent days and days setting up a broad, super finely targeted campaign before launching. Our client needed traffic immediately. What they should have done (and what we did) was launch the campaign with a small set of keywords, start generating traffic, and then build out and fine-tune from there. This is a strategy you should adopt if you are an aggressive user of paid search.

It’s sort-of like the old “Ready, Fire, Aim” marketing maxim. In other words, launch the campaign, generate data, examine that data to see what changes you need to make, and adjust accordingly. It makes no sense to spend too much time tweaking a campaign before you have any data to examine.

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