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We have recently begun being more aggressive promoting our own web site. We have very strong rankings for search engine marketing related keywords that contain the word “Nashville”, which is generally where we advise businesses with a brick-and-mortar location to begin. It is often very difficult to achieve high search engine rankings for broad, non-geographically targeted keywords. So generating rankings for keywords specific to your home market is a great way to begin driving traffic to your site that consists of very strong prospects for your service. It has definitely been beneficial to Work Media to be near the top of the rankings in Google for search terms like “Nashville search engine marketing firm”. In fact, just out of curiosity, I just typed exactly that search term into Google and we have the top-ranked natural listing and the number one paid search listing. Now that’s good shelfspace.

Anyway, we’ve decided it’s time to start promoting our site for more broad terms, not specifically related to Nashville. We have a ton of content on our site and the site is reasonably well optimized, so the main thing we’re concentrating on is off-site optimization (i.e., getting links pointing to our site). We’ve been working on it for a few weeks and have already begun seeing results. But one odd thing happened which we have seen happen a lot. So we thought we would tell you about it so if it happens to you, you don’t freak out.

There is one keyword in particular we are keen on ranking for, so it is the main one we have concentrated on in our linking campaign. When we started, we ranked a little past 100 for the keyword. A few weeks after beginning our new efforts to rank for this keyword, we disappeared altogether from the Google results. But we were not worried – we’ve seen this before.

Sure enough, after a few days, we were back in Google’s results for the keyword, this time ranked in the 60’s. Nowhere near where we hope to be, but a real nice jump from where we started.

When a web page suddendly begins to have lots of new links pointing to it, that page tends to disappear from the rankings, only to reappear later, higher ranked. Our theory is that when Google picks up on a lot of new rankings for a page, it temporarily removes it from the rankings in order to do some additional analysis on the page. This analysis probably includes Google asking questions like: Are the links relevant to the site? Is the site strong in content? What do we know about the site?

Since our site is very strong in content, well-aged, and has been indexed for a long time, we think Google performed the analysis and made the determination that we were not trying to spam our way into its index. It then re-ranked our site accordingly, taking into account the new links we have.

This is all just a theory, really. But we’ve never been ones to stress out over trying to figure out exactly how Google’s algorithm works. We just follow the basics…and it works every time. So if you undertake a linking campaign and find your site suddenly disappearing from the rankings, don’t worry about it. Unless your site is junk, in which case it may not make it out of limbo. So make sure your site is strong on content.

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