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We thought we would take the time today to talk about some online advertising methods we are either already doing or are thinking about implementing.

We are working with a mortgage lead generation business that is using Google video ads. We are running the ads on news web sites local to our target markets. Google video ads are bought on a cost per thousand impressions basis, although it’s still a bid model. So far we have had limited success due to lack of sufficient impressions. We are dealing with fairly small markets, so we don’t really have enough data yet to make any conclusions. Our feeling is that given enough exposure, the video ads would be very effective at both generating traffic and brand building.

We are looking into using www.turn.com. It is a CPA (“Cost per Acquisition”) ad network. In other words, you determine how much you are willing to pay for the accomplishment of some kind of action – a newsletter sign up, a sale, etc. – and that is what you pay. So rather than paying for just a click to your site, you are paying for the conversion, thus eliminating risk.

We are also looking at trying out some ad networks. One that looks interesting is www.mediatraffic.com. The way Media Traffic works is that the advertiser’s offer is displayed in a popup or popunder window to users who have downloaded utilities by Vomba Network. The company claims there are 7 million of these users. Advertisers bid on keywords and URLs used by the Vomba Network users. When a match is found, it triggers the ad.

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